How to apply for a provisional license?

unsure. Even if you currently hold a foreign license you will still need to apply for a UK provisional if your license is not transferrable. For full details we highly recommend researching the subject online. Alternatively call Walkers School of Motoring and we will be happy to give you all the advice we can.

Great! Now you have your provisional license and you’re ready to start driving! There are lots of great driving schools around to choose from but at Walkers School of Motoring we guarantee the first step to becoming a qualified driver begins a when you reach your 17th Birthday. Before you book a driving lesson with Walkers School of Motoring or with any driving instructor you must make sure you have applied and received your provisional driving license. The forms for your License are available at your local Post Office or online at The license costs £50 and is paid when you apply. You can send off for your license up to two months prior to your 17th birthday however you won’t be able to drive until you turn 17. Depending on how you apply and your residency status you may need to send away identity documents such as your passport, so be prepared and call the DSA if you have any queries. Our instructors will tailor the level of instruction to your individual needs and advance at a comfortable pace. If you want to know any more about our driving lessons just call our helpful office staff and we hope you will choose to drive Walkers School of Motoring.

On your first lesson at Walkers School of Motoring, we always ask to see your provisional license and to test your eyesight, so make sure you bring it along as well as glasses if you require them for driving.

The Theory Test and HPT (Hazard Perception Test)