How long does it take?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions amongst learner drivers and the answer really does depend on many factors!
The national average is around 45 hours of professional tuition complimented by an additional 20 hours of private practise.

However different people learn at different rates, just like anything else in life!

The only way to find out is to start having lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor. Once the instructor has seen you for a few lessons
he will be able to assess your driving and give you an estimate of how many lessons you might need.

At Walkers we guarantee not to over teach you! We will maximise each lesson so that you are a safe driver and can confidently pass your driving test.

We believe it’s not a race and a thorough foundation of driving skills is needed to keep you safe for the rest of your driving life.

We don’t use “quick pass” techniques, we believe in safe driving for life and we promise to achieve that in the most economical way for our customers.