Franchise fees

Earn in excess of £800 per week. For full details call 020-8466-6699 to hear more details about our franchise options.

Walkers Full Franchise:

We have a variety of franchise opportunities to tailor for different needs.

  • All new pupils 100% Pre-Paid
  • Fully maintained fleet Car
  • All car expenses paid (excluding petrol)
  • Unlimited pupils, no additional cost
  • All office and admin services
  • Business card, Leaflets, Appointment cards and pupil contracts
  • 1-4 weeks start-up support with Walkers based on franchise structure chosen

Own car franchise

Do you own a modern, well maintained, black car? Join Walkers on an own car franchise from £120 and enjoy all of the above with the same great service.

Find out why Walkers instructors are busy

At Walkers, we know a busy instructor is a happy instructor and so we use a combination of different advertising methods to generate as many pupils as we can for our instructors.

We aim to keep all our instructors happy because we know that is the only way for our business to grow.

Local knowledge can be very helpful when taking on new instructors. We always discuss marketing with our new recruits and in that way we form a targeted local advertising strategy.

Strong Web SEO: As with any modern business a strong web campaign is essential to success. Modern-day learner drivers rely today on the internet more than ever to find and select their Driving School. That is why a superb website is an absolute must. Our website is updated regularly, optimized for search engine ranking (Google in particular) and designed to maximize conversion of views into bookings. It is also optimized locally so that we appear wherever we’re searched from in London.

Active live marketing: Whenever a quick boost of work is required, ” never fear, the Walkers girls are here”. We have a dedicated team of promotional staff who travel around London promoting your business. When the Walkers girls hit London with their fully branded Walkers apparel, Walkers Stand, car and Walkers Charm, nobody can withstand their leafleting power. They rotate around fixed locations and are happily diverted to recommended hotspots when a request is put in by our instructors. Hotspots include high streets, markets, schools and anywhere with busy footfall so we can maximize their impact. Live marketing is quick and creates an immediate supply of pupils.

With the support mechanisms, walkers offer your business you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. At Walkers, instructors count and we are motivated to push your business forward. To us, it matters to promote Walkers and to generate the pupils you need to be successful. If you are considering a Walkers franchise, please do contact our School for full details. We promise no pushy sales tactics, just good, honest advice alongside full transparency. So come into the office to meet our staff, see how we work and have a chat.

Paper Advertising: We advertise in numerous local papers and we’re always looking for new, effective papers to place ads. We are always keen to expand to new areas and happy to take on ADI’s anywhere in London. We rely on your commitment alongside our support to build up your business wherever it suits you.